Voice / Piano Lessons

Want to learn how to play or sing gospel, pop, R&B, and jazz? I offer private

PIANO LESSONS for ages 4 – adult in the metro Atlanta area and VOICE LESSONS for ages 6-adult!

Your confidence levels will soar as you play popular songs you love to listen to – especially when friends and family enthusiastically ask you to “Do it again!”

At 12 years old I was playing piano for churches and writing songs at 15 years old. Let me show you proven techniques to use your gift of music as well. Just fill out the contact form and someone will contact you shortly!


  1. Dana was my daughter’s first piano instructor and I felt she not only learned a lot regarding the instrument, but had compassion to help her expand her mind for performing art world.

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    • Aww…Thank you, Taeme! Azana is a sweet young lady – very gifted, creative and talented. She has so much to offer the world. I miss you both!


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