Music Video Shoot Recap

We recently reached a milestone for Dana Rice Music – we did our very first Music Video Shoot! The music video is for vocal student Mary Rene Quarles’ version of “Monday Is Coming”.

We shot at Skate Along USA in Lilburn, GA where skate patrons were able to join us on the set to be part of the video. In keeping with the teen pop theme, Jordan Rice (14yrs old) and Morgan Shaginaw (13yrs old) worked as Director and Assistant Director respectively. Both are students at The Actor’s Scene and study voice with Dana Rice Music. The featured artist, Mary Rene Quarles, also studies at both as well.

VIPs from the teen soap opera In Our Lifetime were in attendance as well as award winning independent filmmaker Akil DuPont. Our exclusive makeup artist for the evening was Brigitte Victoria of UBJ Beauty.

Many thanks to the owners of Skate Along USA for donating a portion of the evening’s proceeds to help us complete part 2 of our music video shoot – date TBA.

Special thanks to all the colleagues, parents, friends, and family who helped make the evening a success!

Keep checking back for updates about the next shoot date and when the final music video will be released. Hey- music video release – sounds like a good excuse to have a party! Hmmmm… stay tuned for that as well!



Mostly Folk Podcast Plays Monday Is Coming!


The great thing about music is… it knows no boundaries!!! Never in a million years would I have guessed that a folk station would play anything I wrote, but that’s exactly what happened on June 17th. Now that was already a significant day since my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, but then THIS happened…

Artie Martello, the go-to guy for classic folk, indie folk and bluegrass, added the teen pop version of Monday Is Coming (sung by Mary Rene Quarles) to his Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 293! Now what you need to know is this podcast has listeners around the world – the Philippines, Tunisia, Holland, Great Britain, France – you name it! So there you have it – Monday Is Coming is a perfect example of why the podcast is called Mostly Folk – It’s that unexpected little twist in Episode 293 – not true to the genre but counted worthy enough to be included by the one and only Artie Martello! Thanks so much, Artie!

A fun fact about Artie is that before getting into radio and starting his podcast, he was an educator- just like you know who (me)!

Be sure to check out the Mostly Folk Podcast and expand your musical palate!

Over 2,000 Views on Facebook

My son and I recorded this jazzy version of Monday Is Coming and posted it on Facebook. In under a week the video got 2,000 views! We’re so happy that people are enjoying the song. Please help us bring a few minutes of joy to more people by sharing this post with your friends and family. Let’s go for 3,000 views in the next week.

Here’s to an awesome weekend!


WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston Becomes FIRST Radio Station To Play Dana Rice Music!


HUGE Thank You to WJMX founder Jeff Moses for believing in my work and sharing it with the world on Smooth Jazz Boston!!!

Of course I was honored when Smooth Jazz Boston expressed an interest in playing my music, but after listening to the station and hearing the EPIC music they play I am in awe.  On the morning of June 6, 2017 I woke up to a message from Jeff Moses saying he would be playing both of the songs I had submitted! First he played Monday Is Coming which is a collaboration between myself, my vocal student Mary Rene Quarles and Jayne Olderman. And to top it off Jeff played Every Everywhere – a tune that is graced with the production skills of my awesome friend Preston Powell.

Thank you Jeff Moses for being responsible for this magical moment!

Here is my reaction – And this is why you should comb your hair before you check your messages in the morning!

If you’re not familiar with WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston, stop what you’re doing right now and take a moment to listen live at You can also download the Smooth Jazz Boston Radio app to listen. Your ears will thank you!!!

In Our Lifetime Teen Soap Creators to Attend Monday Is Coming Skate Party!


Have you heard about the new teen soap opera In Our Lifetime? The pilot episode is available to watch FREE on youtube and is getting rave reviews from media outlets and fans. The show features several Atlanta teen actors, and I am excited to announce that the show creator is scheduled to attend the Skate Party and Video Shoot for my vocal student Mary Rene Quarles’ cover of Monday Is Coming!

The party is Saturday June 10th from 6:30pm-10:30pm at Skate Along USA 744 Beaver Ruin Rd, Lilburn, GA and is only $10/person. The party is a fundraiser to raise money for more youth music projects.

Call 770-921-0800 for directions.

Skate Party and Video Shoot!


What happens when you release a new single? Well you need to CELEBRATE and you need to RAISE MONEY to promote it! So, we’re having a Skate Party Fundraiser to celebrate Mary Rene’s Quarles’ cover of “Monday Is Coming”.

Come out to Skate Along USA Saturday June 10th from 6:30pm-10:30pm. It’s only $10 per person and includes skate rental PLUS we’ll be shooting some footage for Mary Rene’s new music video. Everyone who attends, including YOU, will get a chance to be in the video!

Special thanks to Skate Along USA for hosting and donating a portion of the evening’s proceeds to support our music projects!