Social Media Freebies & New Music!

Make Believe Lyrics Quote by Dana Rice. Soul, Neo-soul. www.DanaRiceMusic.comEver wished you could stop the world for a moment? I know I have. In fact, I wrote a new soulful R&B groove about it called Make Believe that comes out Nov. 10th! It’s filled with all your new favorite things and none of the things that weigh you down or try to block your cool.

And speaking of cool, here’s some new Make Believe swag for your social media accounts. Just drag the pic above and the one below to your desktop or touch and hold on your mobile device to save to your camera roll. Then all you have to do is share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else you post online. And hey, remember to tag @DanaRiceMusic in your post so I can see it too!

Make Believe Lyric Quote by Dana Rice. Soul music, neo-soul Make Believe is a 3 minute and 29 second getaway that will have you pressing repeat again and again. Seriously no kidding – my amazeballs producer Jayne Olderman really laid it down with this one! I can’t wait for you to hear it! Click here for a preview…






Live Concert Happening June 11th


For the 2nd year in a row, I’ll be performing with my guitar friend from Pennsylvania – Russell Ferrara and Derwyn Brown from Atlanta. This year Kim Robson will be on flute. We’ll perform new music from Russell and myself as well as audience favorites from last year. Tickets are available at

New Music – Big Dreams


Big Dreams Lyrics (copyright 2015 by Dana Rice)

It’s been knocking on the door of your heart for a lifetime, lifetime, lifetime

Poking you and daring you to be the you you wanna be
Incredibly persistently
You open your eyes and it’s in the skies
Whispers in your ear when you’re in bed at night
Time that you rise up
Time that you show up
Time that you stand up stand up finally

Big Dreams
Big Dreams
Big Dreams
Big Dreams are calling you

I see you fretting. Hear you saying that the world is moving to fast for you. Too fast for you
I pray today you realize that all you have is everything you have inside
And I’ll tell you more
You’re the only one that’s under the sun who can do what you do
So we’re waiting for you
You’re never too small to make a mark in this world
The treasure inside you can never ignore

Big Dreams
Big Dreams
Big Dreams
Big Dreams are calling you

Big dreams don’t come easily
But you’ll regret it if you don’t give it all you’ve got You’re right on the line
Closer than you think
So start now chasing those

Big Dreams Big Dreams Big Dreams

Big Dreams are calling you

Calling you to come on and move to your destiny
Calling you to come on and move to your destiny
Calling you to come on and move to your destiny
Calling you to come on and move to your destiny

Big dreams
Talking bout big dreams. Big dreams. Big dreams are calling you

Big dreams
Big dreams
Big dreams are calling you

Download Big Dreams on iTunes and CD Baby

Purchase Tickets To Hear It Live at the Big Dreams Concert

on Sunday, Dec. 20th at 6pm

Red Clay Music Foundry

3116 Main St., Duluth, GA

Gospel Music For Kids: Just Like Him

Anyone who works with children’s choirs in church can probably agree that it is hard to find songs for kids that don’t sound baby-like. On the opposite end is songs that sound too grown-up. We want songs that kids AND adults will like. With that in mind, here is my latest offering of Gospel Music For Kids. Try it out on your kids. Post a video of them singing it or just leave a comment. Thank you for listening!

Who Wants To Be A Princess?


This week I finally got the AMAZING Don Thigpen to transcribe my new Gospel Song for children. The song is entitled “I Am A Princess.” Now before you go getting the images of Disney princesses in your mind, THINK AGAIN. I wrote this song after having a conversation with my beautiful goddaughter Zoe who, at the time, was 3yrs old. This kiddo LOVES her some Disney princesses – even though as an African American girl NONE of them (with the exception of Princess Tiana) looks like her.

Here is where the problem comes in. One day I asked Zoe what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, “I want to be a princess”. I must admit that all kinds of worry came over me. I was worried about what being a princess meant to her especially since the “princesses” she had seen were all from the Disney brand. I was worried because all those princesses are ladies who waited for prince charming to swoop them up and live happily ever after which we ALL know is not based in reality. I worried because those princesses look NOTHING like her (again with the exception of Princess Tiana who because she is new is not on most of the princess things out there). I worried too because clearly my beautiful little goddaughter didn’t know that she was already a princess. Then I remembered that worrying NEVER solves a problem, but PRAYER always does.

So, I prayed for a way to teach Zoe what it really means to be a princess without damaging her childlike love of the Disney princesses. Being the songwriter that I am, of course the answer to my prayer came in a song. I recalled a scripture that I heard from a friend of mine Psalm 45:13 “The king’s daughter is all glorious within”. In that moment I realized that all I needed to do was teach Zoe to sing “I am a princess because my Father’s the king. God in heaven is my Father the king.”

Zoe still loves her Disney princesses, but now she knows that she too is a princess. I hope that little girls all over the world will get to hear this song and understand that they too are princesses.

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