Mostly Folk Podcast Plays Monday Is Coming!


The great thing about music is… it knows no boundaries!!! Never in a million years would I have guessed that a folk station would play anything I wrote, but that’s exactly what happened on June 17th. Now that was already a significant day since my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, but then THIS happened…

Artie Martello, the go-to guy for classic folk, indie folk and bluegrass, added the teen pop version of Monday Is Coming (sung by Mary Rene Quarles) to his Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 293! Now what you need to know is this podcast has listeners around the world – the Philippines, Tunisia, Holland, Great Britain, France – you name it! So there you have it – Monday Is Coming is a perfect example of why the podcast is called Mostly Folk – It’s that unexpected little twist in Episode 293 – not true to the genre but counted worthy enough to be included by the one and only Artie Martello! Thanks so much, Artie!

A fun fact about Artie is that before getting into radio and starting his podcast, he was an educator- just like you know who (me)!

Be sure to check out the Mostly Folk Podcast and expand your musical palate!